Keep track of your references and constantly update your resume. Attend as many job fairs as possible and keep an updated resume handy. Update your wardrobe as well and keep that special outfit ready at all times. Have it inspection ready!

There are plenty of businesses that offer discounts to veterans. Shop around online for specials and discounts. Anything from education, training, and even auto discounts. Businesses are ready to serve those who served.

Visit websites that cater to veterans, especially those that have resume templates and uploads. There is always and Active/Guard Reserve slots available in your state. Really depends on your military occupational specialty and availability. Certain units have year long deployments within your state as well as civilian technician slots.

Maintain contact with your friends in the military. Ask to use them as references, especially senior NCO's and your command group. Before your leave the service ask if they can write a letter of recommendation for you. If you have a security clearance keep track of the time you received it because of the time limit. Some are good for 5-10 years while others are as good as they are continoulsy being used.

Keep in touch with your Battle Buddies!

Looking to buy a home?

Read about the Debt to Income Ratio, VA Home Loan, and areas in which you want to either buy or build your home.

Start working on your credit rating if you haven't already and find a realistic realtor who will find that special home for you and your family. If in the San Antonio or Killeen, Texas area that should not be a problem.