Our mission is to provide continuing transition assistance to all veterans

Just left Active Duty? We provide transitional resources for service members who are either on Terminal Leave or already out of the service. Throughout this site you will find an abundance of links which will hopefully ease your transition into civilian life. Although, the majority of the resources on this site are geared towards veterans residing in the San Antonio, Texas area, many are national as are the resources.  Education, Health, Business Opportunities, and Employment Links are all available here. Please take time to visit our veterans at the VA whenever possible. Thank you for your service! You are not alone.

Outside the Wire was named simply because when downrange or even in training, you do not go " outside the wire " without your gear. When leaving active duty, we are going outside the wire and you do not want to go out there without your gear. The gear should be participating in all and any Transition Services your branch has to offer you. If you were in the army, it was mandatory to attend these services. Think of this website as the Control Point before you leave the site. Visit the links and please feel free to provide feedback on any improvements you think may be needed. After all, we are all Brothers and Sisters in Arms, regardless of rank and branch. Thank you for visiting and Good Luck!


Transitional medical coverage from Tri-Care is only good for 180 days after you have been discharged from the military if you did not retire from the military.Keep track of your coverage for you and your family. You can purchase continued coverage for a similar fee  after the transition period. You must have health insurance of some type.

Need help with food, childcare, and shelter?Links on the next page may help. Short term assistance is available. There are a number of agencies in the San Antonio area that assist veterans and their families with a variety of situations and emergencies.

Please be sure to read the requirements and eligibility carefully and thoroughly so as to make the process smoother. Make additional copies of your DD214 and if possible, your medical records.