Please visit our veterans. Past and present. Click on the National Veteran Cemetery Locator and National Vet Center tabs for more information.

Have an idea? Seeking business opportunities ? Learn about business plans and small business loans. The Small Business Administration has small business loans available as well as Accion in San Antonio, Texas. Contact them to learn more. Links are on this site.

Interested in making extra money? Lackland has a thrift shop that you can take things around the house or that you may want to sell. For a small percentage, the thrift shop will sell your items and pay you the remainder after the item has sold. Garage Sales also bring in extra money. Remember your city permit if you have a garage sale within the city limits. Half Price Bookstore will buy used books, cd's, and games in good condition.You can also post items for sale on Craigslist, eBay and Amazon.